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Allied training on Camp Ripley reinforces optimal force structure

CAMP RIPLEY — Infantry soldiers of the Canadian 38th Brigade Battle Group engaged in collective small unit tactical training March 6-10 at Camp Ripley.

“We are made up of reservists from across Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan all coming together for a common purpose of training,” said Capt. Mark Mountan of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment.

Training on Camp Ripley’s Infantry Platoon Battle Course consisted of section and platoon maneuver training focused on the direct control and responsibilities of leaders in combat roles.

“Experienced leadership is a key component to any successful operation,” said Maj. John Donovan, Camp Ripley spokesman. “Further, having the opportunity to react with our international partners greatly benefits both organizations because it’s the opportunity to share best practices,” said Donovan.

Camp Ripley has conducted international training with partners for several decades sharing culturally and militarily.

“Partnerships with the Canadians, Croatians and Norwegians have greatly increased the knowledge and efficiency of our techniques, tactics and procedures,” added Donovan.