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No changes to arrival time for Brainerd flyers

While lingering winter weather and parking ramp capacity is contributing to longer security lines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport manager Jeff Wig said it’s business as usual for flyers traveling out of Brainerd.

WCCO reported Wednesday that officials at MSP are urging travelers to arrive 2.5 hours prior to their flight time in order to ensure they make their flights with plenty of time. Parking congestion and increase in the number of travelers flying from MSP have contributed to an increase in amount of time it takes travelers to clear security and could cause travelers to miss their flights.

“We wanted to reassure our travelers that one-hour flight time is just fine to check in at Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport,” Wig said in an email. “A long security line for us is 10 minutes.”

Wig also reminded travelers that once security is cleared in Brainerd, it’s not necessary to go through security again at MSP.

Travel from the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport has seen a steady increase over the last several months something Wig said is notable considering the fact that airport is seeing double digit percentage increase in one of the worst winter for traveling in a long time.

“A lot of people who weren’t flying with us and now they’re giving us a shot,” Wig said. “At the same time we had a nasty winter and they wanted to get out of town — that’s really worked in our favor.”

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