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High water threat leads to evacuation of family pets

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Jersey and Buddy, Kay Rudolph’s two dogs, were escorted from their rural Motley home Thursday when water spilled over the banks of the Crow Wing River onto Rudolph’s driveway. Jersey, a boxer who doesn’t like water much, apparently didn’t think the evacuation was necessary.

“The Lab walked,” Rudolph said. “The boxer had to be pulled across.”

The fact the dogs were able to walk on the driveway to high ground was a relief, since reports and pictures the rural Motley woman received while she worked Thursday showed water that was apparently three or four feet on her driveway. By the time she and her son, Neil Rudolph, arrived at the home in the late afternoon, the water had receded considerably. Her son put on waders and walked the dogs to where his mother waited.

“The deepest right now is knee-deep,” she said, with some places only ankle-deep. “There’s a lot of grass showing.”

Similar flooding took place a few years ago, Rudolph said, although her home was not damaged. Her home was not damaged by Thursday’s flooding but Rudolph expressed concern that future ice jams at the “S” curves that are down-river could cause problems.

“It’s up pretty high on the bank,” she said. “If more ice comes down the river it’s possible it could flood.”

Rudolph’s home is just off County Road 28, about halfway between Pillager and Motley.

Rudolph said she planned to keep an eye on the house but stay elsewhere Thursday night.

“I’d rather be safe than sorry,” she said.

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