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news Brainerd, 56401

Brainerd MN 506 James St. / PO Box 974 56401

Adviser nomination: “Kassie is Chamber Orchestra’s Viola section leader. She performed viola solos in the fall concert of 2013 and is a strong leader, compassionate player and seeks to promote a positive atmosphere among students.”


Why the viola: “I picked it out in fifth grade. I didn’t want to play the violin because it is too high pitched and everyone plays the violin. I wanted something different and cool. I wanted to be unique. There are two of us in the viola section.”

Main skill you learned this year in orchestra: “There are different styles, such as the broke style that I learned. I can read scales differently and sight read better. I also learned a lot of history of the composers.”

Favorite music to perform: “Slow and sad. We did an emotional piece called ‘Adagio’ by Samuel Barber. I like it better because it moves people. I want people to cry when we perform it because it means we did a good job.”

Do you plan to continue playing the viola after graduation: “I will in college. Right now I only play it in orchestra.”

Dream job: “To be a naturopathic doctor.”

Favorite book: “The Pillars of the Earth.”

Favorite subject: Science.

Last movie you went to: “Frozen.”

Favorite band: Coldplay.

Favorite video game: “Brothers.”

Other activities/clubs: Track and taekwondo.

Favorite thing about spring: “The smell. Everything is so dead in winter and when everything melts it all comes alive.”

If you won the Powerball you would: “Buy a new viola, go crazy clothes shopping and help my sister pay for college.”

Parents: Naomi Hanson-Galema of Fort Ripley.

Honorable Mention: Luke Mettler, senior, art: “Luke is a creative and innovative young man who works in the Pottery Studio every chance he gets. He has a love for hand building and has perfected his craft of creating beautiful flowers. Luke has a quiet demeanor but yet a quick wit charm. He is hardworking and has been a joy to watch grow in pottery. We are very proud of Luke and have been happy to have him as a student.”

— Compiled by Jennifer Stockinger, Staff Writer. Follow me on Twitter at