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Board affirms decision to not renew hockey coach's contract

A decision to not renew the contract of the Warriors head hockey coach was affirmed by the Brainerd School Board Monday.

Per request of former boys hockey coach Jim Archibald, the school board held a closed session meeting where Archibald had the chance to have his voice heard on the issue of the board not renewing his contract.

The board first made the decision at its regular March meeting, but has since remained silent as to specific reasons why, citing only a desire for a “change in direction.”

Monday’s closed session meeting, which Archibald spoke at, lasted about 1 1/2 hours. After the board went into open session, the unanimous vote was to affirm its earlier decision of not renewing Archibald’s contract.

Board member Bob Nystrom was absent.

In a written statement, Archibald said he did not go before the board to try and get reinstated.

“Our purpose was mainly to share information that will hopefully help athletics and the district as a whole improve. We believe that there are some very intelligent individuals on our School Board that will take to heart what we shared with them (Monday).”

There was no discussion during the open session part of the meeting. Afterward, Superintendent Steve Razidlo declined to detail what was discussed during the closed session part of the meeting.

The district is “moving forward with efforts to find and establish leadership in the hockey program,” he said.

Archibald continued in his statement, “Over the last six years, we have had the opportunity to work with many fine young athletes and their parents. We want to thank them for their continued, and quite frankly, overwhelming support. The phone calls, text messages and e-mails that we received were very touching and to know that the large majority appreciate your efforts is rewarding.”

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