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Federal, state and community teams train at Camp Ripley

CAMP RIPLEY — Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation joined other law enforcement officers in training certification courses April 7-11 at Camp Ripley.

The instruction was provided by the ALERRT Staff from the University of Texas, for the standardization and efficiency of law enforcement practices across the country.

“We use first-hand knowledge, experiences and new tactics to develop a curriculum for safe and effective techniques,” said Mr. Armando Ramirez, ALERRT Instructor.

Over 30 members of the three-state FBI regional office and other law enforcement officers spent three days learning, developing and practicing rapid response techniques at the Camp Ripley Combined Arms Collective Training Facility on the Camp Ripley Training Area.

“We are learning the best techniques to conducted standardized active shooter response scenarios to be retrained to individual agencies back home,” said an FBI spokesman.

“The best lesson learned is to be prepared but flexible when reacting to a situation,” said an FBI agent.

The ALERRT staff at Texas developed a new standard practice in training active shooter scenarios. The fluid response and familiar operations of law enforcement professionals across the nation can increase the safety and effectiveness should these scenarios occur.

“Carrying these standards forward to other agencies and department will only help response times and reaction techniques,” said Ramirez.

The use of the CACTF on Camp Ripley offered the trainers and the students a multi-scenario venue to conduct and practice several different iterations simultaneously.

“This is one of the best reserve component facilities we have utilized,” Ramirez said.

The University of Texas funded Advances Law Enforcement Rapid Response Trainer provides law enforcement, security and response agencies across the country the most current information and training.