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Vox Pop-Jan. 15

Quit blaming the trap

The conibear trap, when used properly, is a fantastic tool to dispatch animals quickly and humanely. The oldest profession in the United States is trapping, and like any other profession, devices are invented to make it easier to succeed. The problem is not the trap, but the individual who is responsible for setting the trap in proper places. There is an education course that is required for beginning trappers to take before they can trap. Quit blaming the trap. When you get into a car accident, do you blame your car?

Who brings more money?

The latest messages from trappers in Vox Pop telling hunting dog owners and others to simply keep their dogs out of the woods while trappers are trapping helps display the strong conflict that exists. Who brings more money to the area businesses, hunters or trappers? Are our local businesses comfortable with telling hunters to stay away when trapping season is open?


I find it very odd that while my natural gas (heat) dropped 28 percent, my water and light jumped 25 percent with no reason. Has anyone else noticed this type of oddity? What happened to BPU? They already raised property taxes to make any difference!

Further education denied?

Why in the world is a school employee being denied a chance to further his education by the school? There are enough people in this community without jobs that could fill in. You, of all people, should believe in the importance of education. That is why you keep spending money to pay high schoolers’ college courses in the high school.

Who decided?

Who decided to tear down the state hospital? Is it a Department of Human Services decision or did the legislators actually pass a bill which the governor signed? If the legislators did should you not publish who voted for it and who did not?

If you want to know

If you want to know what is going on outside the state hospital, drive by and take a look. It will make you sick. If you want to know what went on inside since 1958, beg, borrow or steal the book “Hanging onto Sanity as State Hospital Staff.” Thousands of people were either employed for treated there.

TV is getting worse

Something must be done now about the rotten trash one has to look at on television. It just seems to be getting worse. Even the commercials are all violence and sex. When is this going to stop? Am I the only one who feels this way? This has got to go.

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