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Flood fight not over for many in Wadena area

More than 6 inches of rain fell in less than three hours on already saturated ground.

Wadena-Hewitt Community residents are struggling to clean up and recover following a July 10-11 storm that inundated the area and may be for months to come, the Initiative Foundation reported.

State and federal aid will help with public-sector losses. But it's the individual homeowners - an estimated 100 or more in the immediate Wadena area - that need the public's help. Others in outlying areas also are affected, so the number of homeowners in need of help is likely to grow.

For more information about donations, go to or dononations may be mailed to: Initiative Foundation, c/o Wadena Area Relief Fund, 405 First St. SE, Little Falls, MN 56345.

"There are people who have incurred losses in the thousands and thousands of dollars," said Mayor Wayne Wolden. "Very few of them have flood coverage, so the loss of furnaces, water heaters, freezers and the general property damage is going to be extremely costly. These are the people who most need your help."

Wadena area residents who are in need of assistance should call city hall at 218-631-7707, ext. 0.

The Hewitt area relief fund at - - exists to help qualifying city and township residents who may otherwise not get the financial support they need to cope with flood-related property damage. Video of flood damage is included on the website with the flood relief information. It was created in response to the more than 5 inches of rain that fell on the area July 10-11. In the Hewitt area and surrounding townships, dozens of homeowners are waging a battle with flooded basements - as deep as 4 feet for some - following a torrential downpour that dumped more than 5 inches of rain. State and federal aid likely won't reach individual homeowners, and insurance is not likely to cover their losses either. Please help out a neighbor and make a contribution today to the Hewitt Area Relief Fund.

The Wadena and Hewitt funds are among the more than 70 Turn Key component funds hosted by the Little Falls-based Initiative Foundation. Contact Turn Key Specialist Kristi Ackley for information on how to support a Turn Key Fund.