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Crow Wing County introduces online alarm registration

The Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of launching a new online system for area residents and business owners to register security alarms. Submitted by: Crow Wing County

The Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office is in the process of launching a new online system for area residents and business owners to register security alarms.

Under Crow Wing County Ordinance No. 1401, owners are required to register alarm systems upon activation and to renew registrations each year the alarm continues to be active. In the past, this was done exclusively through paper forms with fee payments accepted by cash or check only. Using the new system, owners can submit information via a secure online form and pay fees electronically using credit or debit cards.

"Crow Wing County's alarm registration ordinance helps ensure that law enforcement have the most current information on file to assist with responding to a sounded alarm," a news release stated. "Knowing how to contact local keyholders can help minimize the amount of time sheriff's office deputies need to be on the scene, as these individuals can often help with disarming the alarm and/or accept responsibility for securing the property once the situation has been deemed safe."

The new online system provides a way for alarm owners to keep information up-to-date, while also cutting down on the amount of staff time needed to update the registry, the release stated. With more than 3,200 properties currently registered in the county, the sheriff's office expects to see a significant reduction in processing time with the transition to the new system.

"This is just another example of how we are using technology to further our mission of achieving excellence in delivering public safety services," said Sheriff Todd Dahl in the release. "It's been long anticipated and I believe it will be well received by the citizens we serve."

Notices will soon be mailed out to existing registrants with instructions for how to complete the renewal process by the Aug. 31 deadline. Alarm owners are encouraged to renew online at, but can also choose to register and submit payments in person and by mail.

The current fee for new and renewal applications is $20, which goes toward offsetting the expenses involved in managing the registration process and maintaining records throughout the year.

The sheriff's office hopes to reduce or even eliminate this fee in the future as efficiencies are gained from the new online system, the release stated.

Alarm owners who use the online system will be able to log in to update alarm site information at any time. All alarm information is stored on a secure server accessible only to sheriff's office staff for the purpose of responding to a sounded alarm.

For more information and to receive updates, please visit the sheriff's office page at, or follow Crow Wing County on Facebook and Twitter. Questions on the online alarm registration process can also be directed to the sheriff's office by calling 218-829-4749.