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Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center gains recognition

This April, Voyance announced the recognition of the Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center for the 2013/2014 National APEX Quality Award for Healthcare Excellence.

This national distinction recognizes outstanding healthcare organizations that demonstrated the highest level of excellence in patient satisfaction and overall care during the preceding 12 months. Winners are determined solely based on patient feedback and evidence-based success.

The 2013/2014 winners include ambulatory surgery centers, catheterization laboratories, diagnostic imaging centers, endoscopy centers, hospitals, physician practices, and therapy and rehabilitation centers.

The 2013/2014 APEX Quality Award recognizes healthcare organizations across seven healthcare markets and 28 states.

"We are pleased to recognize Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center for the excellence achieved in both care and satisfaction that is based solely on patient feedback," notes Paul Faraclas, Voyance president and CEO "Attaining this recognition has become incredibly competitive. The tight margin of making it into our top decile requires a track record of delivering a stellar experience throughout the year. As the award criteria emphasizes the measures we believe are tied most closely to caregiver communication, risk mitigation, patient safety and other care-related elements — it remains a fair and responsible assessment."

Voyance clients all use EdgePerception, a leading patient satisfaction and perception management solution. EdgePerception comes standard with Quality Intelligence a built-in feature that promotes quality and process improvement through patient issue resolution.

The Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center has been recognized five consecutive years as a national APEX Quality Award winner. Sandy Berreth, administrator said the surgery center's governing board, as well as all of the physicians and staff are proud to be recognized as a national APEX Quality Award winner for the fifth consecutive year.