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Jury convicts second man in Royalton pull-tab theft case

LITTLE FALLS — A Morrison County District Court Jury on Thursday found Dennis Michael Juen guilty of felony theft. 

The jury had deliberated for about one hour following a day and a half long trial. Sentencing for Juen, 39, of Oakdale will be set before Judge Douglas P. Anderson.

On Dec. 28, 2007, the Royalton Fire Department discovered that someone had taken all of the cash out of one of its charity gambling pull-tab machines at the 10-Spot Bar in Royalton. Security video revealed that four men had entered the 10-Spot at about 7:30 p.m. Dec. 27, and seated themselves at a table next to the pull-tab machines. During the next hour, one man, identified as Juen, can be seen trying to pick the lock on all three pull-tab machines while the other three tried to shield him from the bar patrons and bartenders. Juen successfully opened one of the machines and took out the cash box. 

The four men then got up and left within 53 seconds after the theft was accomplished.

Michael Rosillo, 41, one of the men shielding Juen, was found guilty of aiding and abetting felony theft after a jury trial in September 2009.  Rosillo served 24 months in prison. Michael Rosillo’s conviction was upheld by the Minnesota State Court of Appeals last month.  

The third man identified in the investigation is Cory Rosillo, 37. Cory Rosillo is in prison in Wisconsin on separate charges. The fourth man was never identified.