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Monopoly banker vandalizes Brainerd businesses

The Monopoly banker and drawings of floating cash paid a visit to several Brainerd businesses sometime Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The familiar banker image made an appearance, in the form of graffiti at Wells Fargo, US Bank, the Dairy Queen, the Armed Forces Recruiting office on Washington Street and at the corner of South Sixth Street and Laurel Street in front of Coco Moon.

The Monopoly banker was part of a 3-foot by- 3-foot blown-up poster in the form of graffiti glued to the buildings and on the grey box located in front of Coco Moon.

“We’re not exactly sure what this is,” Brainerd Sgt. Mike Bestul said Monday of the vandalism. “I’ve never seen anything like this. This is different than the casual taggers around town or where you have the teenagers or young adults doing it. This is a more thought out plan.”

Bestul said whoever placed the Monopoly bankers around town had to put some thought into it. He said the suspect or suspects had to have a reason why they chose the banker and then put the work into blowing the banker characters up, making copies of them and then gluing them onto the buildings.

Bestul could not say if the Occupy Wall Street movement had anything to do with the graffiti. Occupy Wall Street movement is a national protest movement which began in September. Occupy protests have been held in Brainerd and the protests have been against social and economic inequality, high unemployment, greed and corruption.

“I cannot say if this is a bank or occupy issue,” said Bestul. “I don’t know ... they didn’t hit every bank in town so it’s hard to say.”

Bestul said investigators cannot find anything on the Internet with this symbol on it related to graffiti/vandalism crimes.

“I feel bad for these owners,” Bestul said as they are responsible for cleaning up the graffiti. “This has damaged property and has cost the taxpayers money and the business owners money.”

Bestul said the graffiti is a property damage crime and people need to be respectful to other people’s property.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is encouraged to contact the Brainerd Police Department at 829-2805.

JENNIFER STOCKINGER may be reached at or 855-5851.