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Longville man charged with second-degree intentional murder for stabbing

A 23-year-old Longville man was charged Tuesday in Cass County District Court with second-degree intentional murder after he allegedly approached another man as if to give him a hug and then stabbed him to death, Cass County Attorney Christopher Strandlie reported.

Frank Jessie LaRose is accused of stabbing and killing James Raymond Elmberg, 31, just after midnight Sunday at a residence near Longville.

According to the criminal complaint filed Tuesday:

• Upon arrival, Cass County Sheriff’s Department deputies were ushered into the residence where they observed Elmberg laying on the floor in the hallway with two females attempting to give him medical attention. The victim appeared very pale and had lost a considerable amount of blood. Officers observed a knife wound in the left side of the victim’s chest.

• Elmberg was transported by Longville Ambulance to Cuyuna Regional Medical Center in Crosby, where he died about 4 a.m. Sunday.

• Several adults were at the residence attending a party Saturday night into Sunday morning, consuming alcohol and socializing. Throughout the party, LaRose became agitated and paranoid. People at the party attempted to calm him down at various times. Eventually LaRose and Elmberg began arguing.

• A witness indicated that she observed LaRose approach Elmberg as if to give him a hug but actually he stabbed him in the chest. Another witness indicated that she observed LaRose with two knives walking across the room toward Elmberg. LaRose disappeared from her view and she immediately heard Elmberg start screaming.

• After stabbing the victim, LaRose fled the house. He was apprehended by law enforcement several hours later.

• Officers recovered two knives from a kitchen sink. One of the blades was approximately 6 inches in length and the other was 4 inches in length. Both knives appeared to have been washed as they were wet and had soap on them.

Strandlie said the maximum sentence for second-degree intentional murder is 40 years in prison. Judge John P. Smith set bail at $500,000 with conditions for LaRose. His next court appearance will be at 1 p.m. Monday.

LaRose’s criminal history in Minnesota includes a 2005 conviction in Cass County for felon in possession of a pistol/semi-automatic weapon, a felony; a 2005 conviction in Cass County for felony attempted aggravated robbery; a 2006 conviction in Cass County for misdemeanor fifth-degree assault; a 2006 conviction in Cass County for felony escape from custody; and a 2011 conviction in Cass County for gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process.

The charges of felon in possession of a pistol/semi-automatic weapon, attempted aggravated robbery and escape from custody resulted in a 60-month prison term for LaRose in 2006 after he violated the terms of his probation.

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