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Two suspects wanted in theft of tickets from Cash Wise Liquor

Two male suspects are wanted in the theft of $5,600 worth in concert tickets taken from a safe at Cash Wise Liquor in northeast Brainerd, said Brainerd Police Investigator Craig Katzenberger.

Katzenberger said two males entered Cash Wise Liquor at 10:55 a.m. March 27 and one male distracted an employee while the other male stole an envelope from the safe that contained the tickets.

Cash Wise Liquor is selling tickets for a rock concert by Hairball that is scheduled April 27 at the Brainerd Area Civic Center.

Katzenberger said police believe the suspects were attempting to steal money and didn’t know that the envelope they took was filled with tickets.

Katzenberger said the two suspects appear to be in their late 50s and also are wanted in other thefts in Grand Rapids and the Twin Cities metro area.

Katzenberger said the tickets are being sold for $20 and 280 tickets were stolen. Katzenberger said the serial numbers on the stolen tickets are 2,501 through 2,600 and 2,621 through 2,800. Ticket numbers 2,619 and 2,620 were already sold and are legitimate tickets.

Katzenberger said anyone who purchased a ticket with the stolen serial numbers on it should contact the Brainerd Police Department at 829-2805.

The fundraiser concert is being sponsored by the Brainerd Basketball Association, Brainerd Amateur Hockey Association and the Brainerd Jaycees.

Wade Haapajoki of the basketball association said it’s too bad that the suspects had to steal the tickets, but he was happy that no cash was taken.

Haapajoki said organizers were able to print out more tickets for the concert in light of the theft. Haapajoki said if anyone shows up at the concert with a stolen ticket, police will investigate.

Haapajoki said this is the first time the youth athletic programs have coordinated an event like the Hairball concert. Haapajoki said all the proceeds from the concert will go to the basketball and hockey programs.

“We’re hoping to sell out,” said Haapajoki. “We’re approved for 2,500 tickets.”

Anyone with information on the two male suspects or the theft is asked to contact police at 829-2805.

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