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Rural Pierz woman charged for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill ex-husband

A 43-year-old rural Pierz woman was charged Friday for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder after she allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband.

Nancy Leona Meyer was arrested Thursday after Morrison County Sheriff deputies determined that Meyer had in fact solicited help from another individual and had even discussed payment for assistance in carrying out the murder.

Meyer could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Meyer:

• On Thursday, a concerned citizen went to the sheriff’s office with her attorney and informed an investigator that she began receiving text messages on April 10 from Meyer. In the text messages, Meyer inquires if the woman would assist her in killing her ex-husband.

• The concerned citizen again started receiving text messages Thursday from Meyer about killing her ex-husband. She texted that she has a new knife and that the citizen should not to tell anyone. She also texted, “you please help me kill him please.” Meyer also texted her ex-husband’s address which is located on 63rd Street in Morrison County and gave her ex-husband’s work hours. The concerned citizen stated that she went along with the text messages as if she were serious about assisting Meyer in carrying out the plan to kill her ex-husband.

• On Thursday, the citizen placed a phone call to Meyer from her residence in Morrison County and the investigator recorded the conversation. The citizen asked Meyer how much she could pay to go through with the plot. Meyer stated that she could start with $200. Meyer stated that she did not want her kids involved. The citizen confirmed on the phone with Meyer that her ex-husband’s home address, which was previously texted, was correct. Meyer gave the location of her ex-husband’s bedroom. The citizen asked Meyer if she wanted a knife or a gun used. Meyer stated a gun with a silencer. Meyer instructed the citizen to wait until Sunday to commit the murder. Meyer also stated that she wants a phone call confirming her ex-husband’s death. Meyer also agrees later on to provide a description of what her ex-husband looks like.

• Following the recorded phone conversation, the investigator directed Meyer to be placed under arrest. Meyer was located at her place of employment and placed under arrest. Meyer’s cellphone was seized following her arrest.

• The investigator later attempted to take a taped statement from Meyer at the Morrison County Jail. The investigator explained to Meyer that she was placed under arrest for attempting to have her ex-husband killed. Meyer stated, “Maybe if the (expletive) allows me to see my frickin’ children, none of this woulda’ happened.” However, Meyer declined to give a formal statement.

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