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18-year-old man charged with burglaries in Breezy Point

An 18-year-old Brainerd man was charged last week with two felony counts of second-degree burglary and three felony counts of third-degree burglary in connection with breaking into five different residences in the Breezy Point and Nisswa area.

Amir Bailla Nyland was charged June 11 in Crow Wing County District Court and then appeared June 14 in front of Judge David Ten Eyck. Ten Eyck set Nyland’s next omnibus hearing for July 3.

Nyland posted non-cash bond. Conditions that were set included that he may not leave the state without written court approval, not possess or receive a firearm or ammunition, have no contact with his victims, no possession of alcohol or drugs and cannot enter bars or liquor stores.

According to the criminal complaint against Nyland:

• At 12:02 a.m. June 12, a Breezy Point police officer conducted a traffic stop on Pelican Lake Road as the vehicle’s brake light was out. Officer spoke with the occupants of the vehicle and noted a pry bar on the back floor of the vehicle at the foot on one of the occupants. He also noted that the driver gave an unlikely story for being in a remote area at the time of night.

• Officer requested assistance and spoke with the occupants separately upon arrival of the other officers. The officer noted the occupants stories of their activities were vastly different and inconsistent, adding to his belief that criminal activity was afoot.

• The officer spoke with Nyland, one of the occupants, and he indicated that the officer could check the vehicle for contraband. The officer located a marijuana pipe on the driver floor, along with a bucket containing partially empty liquor bottles and a partially opened 12-pack of beer. Nyland admitted possession of those items. During the search, the officer also noted several suspect items in the vehicle, including tools, a chainsaw, a tool box and several boxes of fishing tackle and wet suits that still had tags on them.

• The officer knew that the items were commonly taken in burglaries. Nyland and the other occupants of the vehicle gave conflicting stories on the ownership of the items in the vehicle, further confirming the officer’s suspicions.

• Upon talking with Nyland’s girlfriend and the driver of the vehicle, Jenna Winter, the officer learned that Nyland had been driving the vehicle until they saw the officer’s vehicle, at which time Nyland and Winter exchanged seats. Winter indicated that Nyland and the two juvenile male occupants on the vehicle had committed three of four burglaries that night and much of the property in the back of the vehicle was stolen. Winter admitted to being present during the burglaries, but denied ever leaving the vehicle.

• The officer advised Nyland that he was under arrest and read him his Miranda rights. Nyland indicated that he understood his rights and refused to talk. Officer then advised two passengers in the vehicle, identified as Johnson and Dorn, that they were under arrest and were read their rights. Johnson and Dorn indicated that they understood their rights and agreed to answer his questions. Johnson and Dorn indicated they had broken into and taken property from four separate properties, one in Nisswa and three in Pelican Township. They detailed their participation and indicated Nyland participated in the burglaries as well as drove from location to location.

• All other parties agreed to be interviewed. Winter agreed to be interviewed and assist officers in finding the locations of the burglaries. She detailed the events of the night, but maintained that she remained in the vehicle during all the burglaries.

• Both juveniles admitted to being involved in the burglaries and implicated Nyland as the main instigator. Both juveniles independently confirmed that Winter never exited the vehicle.

• Further investigation showed forced entry into two seasonal residences, a garage and two outbuildings at five locations in Crow Wing County: Three on Pelican Lake Road in Breezy Point, one on Sandy Shores Lane in Nisswa and one of Blake Road in Nisswa. Items stolen included tools, tool boxes, alcohol, lighting and power equipment.

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