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Baby ferret stolen from PetNorth

Brainerd Police are searching for a person suspected of stealing a 2-month-old ferret from PetNorth Saturday in west Brainerd.

The ferret, worth $180, is brown and has three small dots tattooed in one ear. The ferret is female and has been spayed and descented.

Brainerd Police Chief Corky McQuiston said investigators are going through the security video to see if they can get any information on who took the ferret. As of Monday later afternoon, no arrests have been made.

Lisa Roach, manager at PetNorth, believes a woman stole the ferret while her two young children were with her.

“It was right before closing time and we were very busy,” said Roach. “There were a few other customers in the store and this woman thought about getting a kitten. She was in the back, while I was doing the register and we caught her on tape. We noticed the ferret was gone so we looked at the video and found her stealing it.”

Roach said the video showed the woman stuffing the ferret in her purse and when the woman left the store she hid her purse from her when walking out the door.

Roach said the ferret is on a special diet and eats Marshall’s ferret food.

“We just got this ferret a week ago,” said Roach. “It’s just a baby and we’d like him back.”

Roach said anyone who has any information on the ferret can call PetNorth at 825-9179.

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