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Little Falls shooting: Byron Smith court date delayed until May 6

This Nov. 23, 2012 file photo provided by the Morrison county sheriff's office s

Byron Smith was due to appear in court Jan. 22, but the scheduled hearing has been postponed until May 6. Morrison County court administration confirmed that a continuance request had been filed and the omnibus hearing was delayed as a result.

Smith is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the Thanksgiving Day shooting deaths of Nicholas Brady and Haile Kifer.

Smith admitted to killing the teens when they allegedly attempted to burglarize his home in rural Little Falls.

Morrison County court administration said the court hearing was delayed because the court was waiting on toxicology and DNA lab results in the case to be released.

The court administration said the results are expected to be finished sometime mid-April and May 6 was the next available court date closest to the completion to the lab results. The purpose of the pretrial hearing is to determine what evidence will be allowed, including testimony and evidence recovered at the time of arrest.

Byron Smith, who was charged with the murders Nov. 26, was released Dec. 18 from Morrison County jail after successfully posting bail.

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