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Baxter cop injured during arrest

BAXTER — A 44-year-old Baxter woman was charged with third-degree assault of a Baxter Police officer and obstruction of the legal process with force after resisting arrest and allegedly breaking the officer’s ankle.

Jennifer Lynn Burnos was charged on Jan. 10 in Crow Wing District Court. Her omnibus hearing was scheduled Feb. 13. Judge Kristine DeMay set bond at $75,000 without condition or $50,000 with conditions, that include that Burnos shall not possess a firearm, cannot enter any liquor or alcohol establishment and she cannot leave the state. Currently Burnos is being housed in the Crow Wing County Jail.

Baxter Police Chief Jim Exsted said Baxter officers were called at 3:49 p.m. Jan. 8 to 13824 Kelly Drive to a welfare check of an extremely intoxicated woman and assistance was needed. Exsted said officers who responded were Joe Sundgaard, Chad Visser, Matt Maier, David Timm and Victor Sofie.

Exsted said only one officer was injured and he is off-duty recovering from his injuries. According to court documents, the officer who was injured was Sundgaard.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Burnos, Sundgaard arrived to the home on Kelly Drive and was talking to Burnos, when he learned that she had a warrant out for her arrest from Hubbard County. Sundgaard told her she had a warrant and she grabbed a phone and started to make a call. At that point, officer Maier arrived on scene.

Officers told Burnos to put down the phone, as they were arresting her and she ignored their commands. Sundgaard took the phone from her so he could cuff her. She became upset and began yelling and swearing at officers.

The complaint said, Burnos puffed up her chest, became more belligerent and clenched her fist as if she was going to punch officers. Officers escorted her to a couch to cuff her and she began to try to get away. Burnos continued to try to pull away and was kicking at officers so they escorted her to the ground. As they were escorting her to the ground, Maier heard a snap and Sundgaard believed that his ankle was broken. Burnos continued to struggle and was kicking in the direction of Sundgaard and kicked his leg and he yelled out in pain.

At that point, the complaint said, another individual in the home was telling Burnos to stop fighting with the officers. The individual helped Maier get Burnos into cuffs by holding down her legs. Once she was in custody the individual was overheard on the phone saying that Burnos got into a fight with officers, she put up a good fight and that officers had a hard time arresting her.

Sundgaard was taken to a hospital by ambulance and x-rays showed that his right ankle was broken.

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