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Brainerd man told woman if the cops showed up it would be a murder- suicide

The 36-year-old Brainerd man — arrested Thursday after a disturbance that involved an altercation between himself, a woman and a 7-year-old boy — allegedly told the woman “if the cops show up it’ll be a murder suicide,” according to court documents.

Lemuel Graham Rosier was charged Friday in Crow Wing District Count for kidnapping to commit great bodily harm, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, fifth-degree drug possession and making terroristic threats. The judge set bail at $500,000 without conditions or $250,000 with conditions.

The Brainerd Police Department responded to an assault at 5:51 p.m. on the 100 block of Gillis Avenue in Brainerd. Police found Rosier hiding in a boat.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Rosier:

• A neighbor called police and said she had seen and heard a fight. The neighbor heard the woman yelling “help” many times and saw the woman get pushed to the ground in the front yard.

• The neighbor said the woman told her son, who was next to her to “Run!” The neighbor said Rosier was standing over the woman with a large bladed “chef’s knife” or “butcher’s knife” in his hand pointing it at the woman. Rosier then walked back toward the 100 block of Gillis Avenue, walked inside the residence and then walked out and headed west into the woods. The neighbor said when Rosier started walking back toward the house, the woman ran to the southeast corner of Gillis Avenue and B Street, where her son had ran to. Once the woman got her son, they went north to the home on the 200 block of Gillis Avenue.

• Another witness, who saw part of the incident, saw Rosier standing over a woman who was lying on the ground. The witness said Rosier reached into his back pocket for what the witness believed was a weapon. The witness said the woman was on her back with her hands and feet up in a defensive position. The witness yelled “Leave the woman alone” to Rosier. The witness said Rosier walked away from the woman and then the witness lost visual contact with the defendant.

• According to a statement by the woman, she and Rosier were involved in numerous verbal arguments throughout the day, as well as the day before. The woman said Rosier and herself were on their way to “couples counseling” when they again started arguing about getting gas in the vehicle and buying cigarettes. They went to “couples counseling” and argued on the way home and continued to argue about their relationship and money.

• At one point, Rosier wanted to go to Crosby to get more methamphetamines, but the woman was not willing to take him there. Rosier then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and tucked it into his right shirt pocket, while he yelled at her about going to Crosby. At this time, Rosier was standing between the living room and kitchen as the boy sat on the couch and the woman was in the rocking chair in the living room.

• The woman said Rosier made several comments to her that if she didn’t take him to Crosby that she would never see her son again. He also told her that if the cops show up it’ll be a murder suicide. The woman tried to fake call 911 to try to scare Rosier, but this just made him more agitated and it was becoming more of a reality to her that Rosier was going to kill her in front of her son.

• The woman said Rosier raised the knife toward her and then he cut his own finger. The woman eventually gave in and went outside with Rosier and her son. Outside the house, Rosier opened the front passenger door of the vehicle, when the woman grabbed the knife from him. The woman believed if she was to get into the vehicle that she would most likely be killed by Rosier. The woman told her son to run to the neighbors and she and Rosier fought for the knife. Rosier got the knife back as he yelled at her to get back into the car. At this time, the neighbors yelled at Rosier to leave her alone.

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