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Eighth Congressional District DFL: Tarryl Clark

Name: Tarryl Clark

Age: 51

Residence: Duluth, MN.

Current employment: Co-Chair, Jobs21! Intiative, BlueGreen Alliance.

Public office experience: State Senator, 2005-2011 – Deputy Majority Leader 2006-2011.

Party affiliation: DFL.

What actions should Congress take to reduce the federal deficit and strengthen Social Security and Medicare?

Creating and protecting good jobs will reduce the deficit and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. With more people working and working better jobs, there will be more revenue, both to reduce the deficit and for Social Security and Medicare. We need to start by protecting the jobs we have now. Congressman Cravaack has voted repeatedly to continue rewarding companies that send our jobs overseas. We must stop this, and invest in rebuilding our infrastructure. Investments in our roads, broadband and cellular coverage, and in retooling manufacturing will create jobs now and provide the opportunity for jobs well into the future.

What role should the U.S. play in a world where unrest is changing the political balance in many nations.

We must continue to promote democracy and stability throughout the world. This must include working to promote trade and dialogue between countries currently or traditionally in conflict, with the help of our NATO allies. Full scale, 20th century military intervention should not be the norm, as it was in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we should build our military accordingly. Our policies in Libya and Egypt are the models we should follow. Both of these countries’ internal conflicts were resolved quickly and democracy has been allowed to run its course, with minimal cost in American blood and treasure.

What domestic priorities would you set as your highest priorities?

I’ve spent the past eighteen months as co-chair of a national jobs initiative, keeping and creating jobs and opportunities for people throughout central and northeast Minnesota and will continue to in Congress. We must protect and strengthen Social Security, Medicare and benefits for our veterans. Our Congressman is out pushing a plan to end Medicare, increasing seniors’ health costs on average $6,000+ each year. Medicare and Social Security are earned over a lifetime of hard work; we need make sure these benefits are safe for generations to come. I will continue fighting to protect women’s access to affordable preventative healthcare.

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