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Senate District 10 DFL: Anne Marcotte

Name: Anne Marcotte

Age: 53

Residence: Aitkin County.

Current employment: Minnesota state public defender.

Public office experience: Aitkin County commissioner (currently).

Party affiliation: DFL.

What should the Legislature do to encourage growth in Minnesota’s economy?

Resurrect the incredibly successful public/private partnership program called the Minnesota Emergency Employment Development Act (MEED). Former Gov. Rudy Perpich pioneered the Program during the recession of the 1980s. It helped put 40,000 unemployed Minnesotans back to work.

MEED provided a six month wage subsidy to any employer who hired an unemployed individual. If the employer kept that individual working for one year, the employer didn’t have to pay back any of the state subsidy. If they kept the employee on less than one year, there was a sliding scale of payback. Carrots, sticks and common sense!

What will your top three priorities be as a legislator?

Jobs. The Cuyuna Range needs to start mining our “valuable” old iron ore dumps and tailings ponds. Over 200 high paying jobs have been created on the Mesabi, utilizing a new, environmentally-friendly process that magnetically separates iron-bearing rock from these waste piles. Why not us?

Taxes. The richest Minnesotans aren’t paying their “fair share” of state and local taxes. Slightly higher income taxes on the ultra-rich will result in lower homeowner property taxes and more funding for schools.

Homestead Credit. Restore it. $262 million/year less in state paid property tax relief hurt rural Minnesotans most.

What experience would you cite that prepares you to represent your district?


I’ve spent a lifetime in the real world, raising a family, running a small business, balancing budgets and gaining the necessary insight and experience needed to make St. Paul functional once again. There is no substitute for experienced leadership.

As an Aitkin County commissioner, our county budget is but a microcosm of the state’s budget (with the exception of K-12 and higher education). Counties, in partnership with the state, provide health and human services, corrections, public safety, environment and natural resources and public works services. In other words, I won’t need years of on-the-job training. Instead, in January I will hit the ground running.

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