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Shame on those who didn't help

Every year at Thanksgiving, our family gathers for a traditional meal. Before digging in we go around the table and each person expresses what they're thankful for. I have something new to add to my "Thank you Lord list."

When I was visiting with my friend and neighbor, I noticed he was limping a little and I asked him what happened. He went on to tell me he was shopping in Pequot Lakes. He had exited the store. About 50 feet out the door, his leg gave out on him and down he went, tearing a hole in his pant leg, scuffing his knee and two bags of groceries scattered around him. After a minute his leg was still numb and he couldn't get up. Looking for help, two ladies walked out the door of the market, looked over at him and continued. A man leaves the store, walks within 10 feet of my friend, looks at him. My friend asked him for help. The guy looks at him, says nothing and walks away without helping. As my friend gathers up his groceries, a fourth man leaves the store, glances over and continues on his way.

 He left his cell phone at home and could not even call for help. He dragged himself to his truck, pulling himself up. After sitting in his truck for 15-20 minutes he drove home. Not one of those people helped him. The least they could have done was to go back and notify employees that a man outside had fallen.

To those four people I say, "Shame on you!" Minnesota Nice? Not. I will add to my list of thank that I hope this never happens to one of those four people or a member of their family.

Mike Bednarczyk

Pequot Lakes

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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