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This was Brainerd

20 years ago (1990)

(Photo) Judges Jenny Dosh and Chad Longanecker evaluate the fashion statements of 50 teddy bears that were clothed by volunteers in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

30 years ago (1980)

Jon Hassler, local author and Brainerd Community College instructor, will present readings from his adult and children's novels at a convocation at the Chalberg Theater on campus.

40 years ago (1970)

Almost 500 Burlington Northern Railway employees in Brainerd were still idled because of the nationwide rail strike. Though only four of the unions are on strike, the rest of the employees are honoring the picket line, thus shutting down service here completely.

60 years ago (1950)

A travel-weary Brainerd Junior College basketball team returned home after suffering its worst defeat of the season, an 82-49 loss to Northland College, a four-year institution at Ashland, Wis., Don Sandberg and Don Smith led Brainerd with 13 and 15 points.

80 years ago (1930)

(Adv.) Practical Christmas Gifts at Wards. Get your Skates, Skis and Hockey Equipment Here! Shooting Star Sleds - from 95 cents to $1.49; Skis - from 85 cents to $2.79 a pair; Skates just $6.35 a pair; Hockey Sticks - 79 cents. All at Montgomery Ward - Brainerd.

100 years ago (1910)

Almost suffocated by the dense, rolling smoke, and fighting the rush of flames, Louis Bourassa and his wife struggled to save themselves and their crying baby when their house caught fire at 2 a.m. The fire department was quick but the house was leveled.