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This Was Brainerd

20 years ago (1990)

A 7th person indicted by a county grand jury was arrested at the former Brainerd International Trade Centre. Indicted earlier were Colin Hall, his attorney Manley Israel, Richard Cauble, Doug Blankenship, Antonio Bicahlo and Larry Frankhauser.

30 years ago (1980)

Pat Wiewel, father of Steven Wiewel, had but one thing to say last night when a District Court jury found Steven not guilty of murder. "I knew he was right," he said of his son. Attorney Fred Casey said the verdict reaffirmed his faith in the jury system.

40 years ago (1970)

(Adv.) A Big Thanks To Bill Fitzsimmons and his two sons, who dug a hole in the swamp to get water to keep my bulldozer from burning up. They kept it under control while my operator called the fire department. Your efforts are appreciated. A.G. Parrish.

60 years ago (1950)

For the second year in a row vandals have tried to chop down the Crosby municipal Christmas tree. Last year it was chopped down and carried away, but this year it was only half cut through.

80 years ago (1930)

Dr. J. A. Thabes, president of the Brainerd Community Relief Fund, has appointed Mrs. W.C. Mannis to assist city nurse Eula Michael in investigating persons applying for relief. The poor relief committee of the city will distribute the $2,000 already in hand.

100 years ago (1910)

The Mississippi River is now at the lowest stage it has ever been. In case of a large fire the city would be in serious straits. People should avoid wasting water and stop the practice of letting the water run all night to prevent freezing the pipes.