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This was Brainerd- Feb. 3

20 years ago (1991)

(Photo) Hosted by the Brainerd YMCA Swim Team, the northern sectional meet opened with a prayer for U.S. troops in Iraq. As Rob Claxton sang the national anthem, Joe Esser and Betsy Lykins swam the length of the pool holding American flags.

30 years ago (1981)

Gerry Spiess, the man who crossed the Atlantic in a 10-foot sailboat plans to repeat the performance across the Pacific. Spiess will display the boat, “Yankee Girl,” at the 3rd Annual Brainerd Chamber Commerce & Industry Show at the Civic Center.

40 years ago (1971)

A zone defense from start to finish was Coach Corky Johnson's answer to C-I's front line scoring threat, as the Warriors won 67-46 in a jam-packed C-I gym. Mickey Timmons, Wally Larson, Wayne Caughey, Larry Bunnell and Mike Morgan all hit double figures.

60 years ago (1951)

It took the top efforts of the Warriors to jam the throttle shut on the red-hot Staples Railroaders basketball squad before a standing room only crowd. Hess, Anderson and Smith all fouled out as they pulled the valve on the steamed-up Railroaders, 60-50.

80 years ago (1931)

O.G. Villwock, poolhall proprietor, who was forced to quit his business on Laurel Street when businessmen there objected that it hurt their trade, was granted a permit to operate on Front Street. The council directed police observance to be sure it operates properly.

100 years ago (1911)

The Gregory Park half-mile skating track is now in splendid condition thanks to the park  board's efforts in providing healthful exercise to a large number of children and many grownups. At night torches are placed at the corners. Weekends will see large crowds.