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This was Brainerd- Feb. 10

20 years ago (1991)

Walk into any bait shop and you'll notice a distinct odor emanating from the water tanks. Larry Hall of Baxter has taken the smell out of bait water tanks. His state-of-the-art filtration system removes the ammonia and wastes given off by minnows.

30 years ago (1981)

The school district's financial pinch became cold reality last night as the Brainerd School Board placed three administrators and six teachers on unrequested leave of absence. This is the end result of declining enrollments, inflation and state aid cutbacks.

40 years ago (1971)

Brainerd Elks Lodge 615 was host for the 1971 Pine Tree District scout banquet in their clubrooms, with Carl Erickson as master of ceremonies. Five Eagle Scouts were honored and given American flags by the Elks Lodge.

60 years ago (1951)

Too many drivers have been watching only their speedometers to ensure against speeding, a Brainerd Police officer said. “If the roads are icy, 20 miles per hour, or even less, can be going too fast.

80 years ago (1931)

The three main buildings which were dismantled in Lake City, are now being re-erected at Camp Ripley. The commissary building is going up near the gun shed, the regimental officers' building at that HQ and the special units' mess hall in the artillery area.

100 years ago (1911)

(Adv.) Over 400 pairs of $3.50 to $4.00 shoes on sale Wednesday at $2.48 per pair; 100 pairs of $2.50 and $3.00 shoes on sale for $1.50 a pair. L. M Koop's - Brainerd.