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This was Brainerd — Feb. 11

20 years ago (1991)

Center Margit Rinke scored a career-high 30 points, and point guard Heather Anderson added a career-high 23 points, as the Warriors knocked off 8th ranked Cretin Derham-Hall 70-64 in St. Paul. Sarah Northway added 13 points.

30 years ago (1981)

A Brainerd couple raced down 14 smoke-filled flights of stairs to safety at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel last night. Mike and Kathy (Schaefer) Murphy were in their room at 8 p.m. when they heard sirens and saw fire engines pulling up to the hotel. Eight people died.

40 years ago (1971)

Brainerd school teachers proposed a 13.75 percent wage increase to the school board, and Dick Culshaw, teachers' spokesman, said their attorney advised that negotiations be closed to the public. Members of a protest group said they would honor the request.

60 years ago (1951)

Minnesota vindicated an earlier loss at Indiana by dealing the Hoosiers their first loss in conference play, 61-54. Brainerd's Whitey Skoog, who poured in 17 points, was outstanding. He received capable support from Bob Geller and Virg Miller.

80 years ago (1931)

Bud Keller and Eddy Poster, held in the Walker jail on charges of stealing 14 beaver and selling the hides in Canada, are on the loose. They picked the locks on their cell doors and escaped, as did a third man. A Cass County posse is seeking them in the backwoods.

100 years ago (1911)

Telephones have been installed in the offices of county treasurer, clerk of court, register of deeds, sheriff, and county attorney. The auditor and probate judge already had telephones, so the public will appreciate reaching all departments by phone now.