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This Was Brainerd- May 20

20 years ago (1991)

Curbside recycling for the city of Brainerd is set to start July 1, according to Mayor Bonnie Cumberland. Participation will be voluntary, and those who choose will receive two bins to leave curbside twice a month for haulers to collect.

30 years ago (1981)

Show a tight-fisted school board a wasteful or useless program and watch how fast it's funding is cut. But what happens when a useful program must be left by the wayside in an era of belt-tightening? Such was the case with the elementary swim program.

40 years ago (1971)

In Brainerd's 100 years of life thousands, and possibly millions, of events have occurred that were deemed newsworthy. For our Centennial Edition members of the Dispatch newsroom have selected the twelve they believe stand out above the rest.

60 years ago (1951)

Cass County Sheriff Buck Simpson was on his way to Brainerd to question the 58-year-old proprietor of a Pine River dairy about the shotgun wounds he received Friday night. The man was found unconscious and it is believed the wounds were self-inflicted.

80 years ago (1931)

“Inwood's” new lodge, dining room and lounge, built entirely of native pine logs, will be officially dedicated at an opening dinner. This continues progress at the resort, which opened in 1917 with six cabins on Lake Margaret, later adding 16 cabins on Gull Lake.

100 years ago (1911)

The county commissioners have a special meeting this afternoon at 5 p.m. to examine bids and award the contract for surfacing several miles of grade on state road No. 3 between Brainerd and Merrifield, starting about two miles north of the dam.