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This Was Brainerd- Oct. 21

20 years ago (1991) Eight businesses were ruined and more than 30 people were left without homes as fire destroyed the Anna Block Building at the corner of Front and S. 7th Streets. Damage from the fire was estimated at over $1 million, according to owner Dave Pueringer.

30 years ago (1981) Brainerd teachers went to the polls to ballot more than 10-to-1 in favor of a new, two-year master teaching contract. The tally was 341-30 on the contract calling for a 12 percent wage increase in each of the next two years.

40 years ago (1971) Sustained marches of 48 and 61 yards, coming at the start and conclusion of last night's football game, gave visiting Fergus Falls a 14-6 win over a determined Warrior squad. Brainerd had tied the game at 6-6 with just 7 minutes remaining. Fergus is now 7-1.

60 years ago (1951) (Photo) Army Corporal Bernard Koering and Seaman's Apprentice Allen Koering, U. S. Navy, met in Japan recently. They are sons of the G. R. Koerings of Ft. Ripley, and managed to find each other in Japan for a reunion while on leave.

80 years ago (1931) Louis Hanson set up a new three-game record of 640 in city league ten pin bowling last night. Hanson toppled the maples for scores of 193, 217 and 237, and was largely responsible for leading Alderman-Maghan winning two games from E. M. B. A.

100 years ago (1911) The St. Cloud high school football team arrived here with their professor, John McGaugh, on this afternoon's train. They made a flying wedge for dinner at the Ransford Hotel. They are a husky, brawny bunch of players and Brainerd will have its hands full.