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God bless America

If you really took a look at America’s

history, you would see some pretty stark contradictions. Look how we

treated America’s first inhabitants, very badly, and how this country

abused slavery, kidnapped people to be here and work against their

wills, treated just like livestock. And yet, even with all these sins,

God chose to bless America, because, I believe He knew how we would be a

blessing to the world (who’d never seen a government “of the people, by

the people” before.

When you start a country dedicated to God and

the protected freedom to worship Him, you get His attention and

blessing. It’s like God could see this country’s heart, our painful

Civil War to right the wrong of slavery and be, though not all parts, a

good place for those black people, and anyone else that made it to our

shores, to better one’s self and have a future. I truly believe that

after Israel, America is the most blessed nation in the world.


we have been blessed so much, we take things for granted. This

Thanksgiving, I pray we all get a true attitude of gratitude. Pray, O

Lord, You’ve given me so much, please give me one thing more, a grateful

heart.” Amen.

Pray for America. Pray we never get like Sodom and

Gomorrah — what do you mean get like — where God can’t even find 10

righteous among us.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and lots to be thankful for. God bless.

Stephen L. Heinecke