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Reader Opinion: One of a kind

Have you ever thought about the real loss when someone passes on? Now I'm not talking about just missing someone like uncle Milton, who told funny jokes or made you laugh when you were a little kid, when he said, "Pull my finger." I'm talking about all of the memories, information, emotions and feelings that existed in the mind of only that person and were so unique to only them. I have over my lifetime known so many people that were so unusual in there own way and so, "one of a kind," that I am convinced that like snowflakes, they were the only ones alive like that and when death took them, it took the only copy.

For many of these people it took 70 or 80 years to accumulate all of that data. Maybe someone else did see or experience what they did, too, but their take on it was a whole new version and yet only part of the picture. The twists and turns that people put on their versions of their memories are unique. It's why no two history books are the same when written by different people. You can show 50 people the same picture and you will get 50 different versions of what it looked like. But it is only in revealing all of those forms that you see the whole picture.

Each year millions of people leave this earth and each year all of the data they possessed goes with them, unless they took the time to share it. Now, unless you're like our government, which refuses to learn from the mistakes of the past, you benefit from both the good and the bad, if and when you pay attention to their examples.

Mike Holst