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Bart Osterman

Bart went to the Lord the last day of January 2012.

Born Sept. 25, 1982, to Sidney and Susan Osterman in Williston, N.D. Hours later his father Sidney, now of Peqout Lakes, narrowly missed a dairy cow while traveling at high speeds on the highway early in the dark morning returning to work the next day northeast of Fairview in the Sidney, Mont., oil fields. Bart’s mother, Susan (Niemela) Osterman, of Menahga Minn., along with family, returned to the green of Minnesota and settled outside of Underwood. Bart lived in Underwood from 1984 until 1993 where he once was lost to his parents for a day. All searched the corn fields that surrounded the area, he was found in the shed of Hans and Alice Peterson, who lived right up the road, sleeping after eating many of Alice’s tomatoes, when the door locked behind him. Shortly thereafter he excelled in making people smile and competing in little guy wrestling. He once pinned a kid in the Staples Open Tournament in eight seconds to win first place. He then pulled the crying boy up and said, “The second place trophy is huge; let’s go check it out.” Hand in hand they headed for the trophy as friends. Bart attended Menahga Junior High before entering the Brainerd school system for the eighth grade where he again excelled at making fellow students smile and as Ad manager of the Brainonion yearbook where he broke the school record for advertising sales twice and was also named student of the semester in 1999. Bart loved the Brainerd school system and all the wonderful teachers he made friends with over the years he attended there. He enjoyed sales as a career starting at Tower Pizza, Leader Amoco, The Bear’s Den, and then on to Grandview Lodge where he worked for the great Cote family accomodating a variety of notable clientele for many years in Brainerd. Although he endured great struggles in life, this made him a man of kindness, strength, and compassion for others. All who came to know Bart knew he loved to make people laugh and he was a master of that task. If you met Bart you would leave with a smile. He was a young man of great character and integrity. Bart is survived by Jeremy Swenson, dearest friend, of Pequot Lakes, Minn.; Sidney Osterman, father, of Peqout Lakes, Minn.; Susan Niemela, mother, of Fergus Falls, Minn.; Heather Osterman, sister, of Fergus Falls, Minn.; Michael Osterman, brother, of St. Cloud, Minn.; nephews, Daniel, Sidney and Joshua Osterman, of Fergus Falls, Minn.; 13 uncles and aunts; 56 cousins all over the country he loved dearly.