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Steven Rosenstone is wasting no time in developing plans to make the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system more efficient, innovative and valuable for students and employers.

The new chancellor of MnSCU pledges to reorganize the system so it meets the work force needs of diverse sections of the state, allows for more autonomy for presidents and less control by the central office, while providing access for all Minnesota students.

The new chancellor met with presidents recently and they developed three points as guiding principles: Provide access to “extraordinary education” for all Minnesotans; be the partner of choice for work force preparedness in the state; provide taxpayers and students the highest value, cost-effective education possible.

Rosenstone wants to waste no time in developing concrete plans for change, saying a set of goals will be worked out in 90 days and implementation beginning in 120 days.

The chancellor is correctly focusing on how two-year colleges and four-year universities can better prepare students to enter the Minnesota work force. He says campuses in different parts of the state must know their regional economy and tailor programs to meet those needs.

Those close business ties help students by having local employers show them real-world experiences, help employers by providing the trained workers they need, and encourage financial assistance from the private sector in a system that is increasingly losing state funding.

Rosenstone appears to be just the right person for the job. His command of the issues, understanding of MnSCU’s weaknesses and framework for moving forward are just what the system — and the state — need.

— The Free Press, Mankato