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What they’re saying online on the levy

Here’s what our online readers are saying about Tuesday’s Brainerd School District levy referendum in which voters approved an existing school levy and approved an additional $200 per pupil levy.

Two more votes were in Kuwait

By jeffdevaney

There would have been two more YES YES votes if I could have voted from Kuwait! The majority of you have made a positive difference for the kids and that’s what it’s ALL about!

Pull together

By loveanimals

Let’s pull together and support the schools and kids in every way we can going forward. The basics are paid for for a while. Thank you voters in ISD 181.

Volunteer if you can. Support activities. Contact your legislators and ask them to support legislation that takes education off the property tax rolls and puts it back where it belongs at the state level.

Thank you again, voters in ISD 181.

Thank you

By baxterone

A big “Thank You” to the local community for supporting this. Now let’s focus on changing how education is funded so we have an equitable distribution around the state of Minnesota. Great job!

Good choice!

By jjmans

Nice going ... There’s a chance for Brainerd yet!

The levy vote

By cyclerod

Any bets on how long it takes before 181 wants more?

It’s for the kids

By rubbyk |

Come on cyclerod it’s for the kids.

To levy supporters

By hacollins

Where were you four years ago when they asked for approval of that levy? I don’t think the economy was in as bad a shape back then as it is today but yet you support this one. The threats of cutbacks must have gotten to everybody. I think back four years ago people thought the school district wouldn’t actually do the things they said they would do such as closing schools but they did and now people don’t want that to happen again so the support for the levy is greater. The school district could have used this four years ago and all the upheaval of the kids that were in those closed schools wouldn’t have had to happen. How long before the school district wastes this money also and comes back asking for more? I am not impressed with this school district one bit.

Marv Begin’s quote

By pdnet

“Marv Begin, who led efforts to oppose the levy questions, said the results surprised him.”

Well, I wasn’t surprised, disappointed, but not surprised. You had a newspaper that crammed their one sided opinion down our throats, with very little coverage of the opposition. My question is how many people with underwater mortgages might be reconsidering homeownership?

Oh my God

By supersport

OMG, cant you be happy for anyone? My wife and almost lost our house but instead of complaining we both got a second job that we hate but it’s helping out! Guess what? We still voted even though it might cost us a few more dollars a year ... suck it up and move on!

A question for supersport

By cyclerod

You almost lost your house? You now both have second jobs that you hate? Yet you still voted yes. All I can do is shake my head and wonder why? Talk about being brainwashed.

Another thank you

By dchrisi

I am a single father in this community. It is important to me that my little guys are provided the best environment to learn in. I am not able to choose the schools that my kids attend (ie. private schools, home tutoring, church schools) so I am proud that my community thought the local school district is important for the growth of our kids.

I thank everyone who voted. Yes and no. Voting is what makes us Americans and active participants in our community.

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