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U.S. bridges built by Chinese with our tax dollars

In a recent ABC News investigative report on the rebuilding of American infrastructure it was learned that three major bridge projects in the U.S. were awarded to Chinese government owned construction firms, rather than U.S. companies. ABC reported that each project — the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in New York, a new bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland and a bridge in Alaska — were all awarded to Chinese government construction companies using Chinese workers to build the projects.

This is an outrage. Our tax dollars are now going to rebuild the infrastructure in the United States, but those dollars will not be given to support the families of U.S. construction workers? Unions across the nation should be outraged. Until ABC’s investigative piece presented by Chris Cuomo nothing had been leaked to indicate this trend away from government projects using Chinese companies and employees to build these three major bridge projects.

The clip shows President Barack Hussein Obama addressing a crowd of his supporters with the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in the background. “Help us rebuild this bridge,” the president urges the crowd in his speech to trusting workers. “Help us rebuild America!” he shouts to his supporters. “Help us put American construction workers back to work,” the president tells those now cheering him on.

However, the $400 million project was given to the Chinese government owned construction company and only Chinese workers will be used to rebuild that American bridge.

That was just a drop in the bucket. The Chinese were awarded a $7.2 billion bridge project to connect San Francisco and Oakland. No American construction workers will be used to “rebuild American infrastructure” as the president suggested back in New York.

The $190 million bridge project in Alaska that would have put thousands of American construction workers back on the job went to, you guessed it, the Chinese government owned construction company. There will be no jobs for American construction workers.

What’s the point of all of this rebuilding America that the administration is advocating? One would have to conclude that America is no longer America. We are now being forced to pay off the enormous debt that has been financed by — you guessed it, the Chinese government.

We were promised hope and were planning on change. What we have is an administration that favors the Chinese over American workers, but it is paying the Chinese with American tax dollars.

To view this ABC News go to video tagged: “U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms.”

— Keith Hansen

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