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Think before drinking

I am writing to you, also to readers who may benefit from my opinion concerning allowing drinking at professional ball parks. Some may disagree with me but hopefully others will “think before you drink.”

I’ve been sober long enough to know the importance of how anyone using booze to relax to socialize, to just plain drink to drink. This can affect all around you. So much is being said about how just smoking alone can cause health issues, secondhand smoke, plus deaths caused by fires or smokers while driving. However, with one able to drink while enjoying a game — enjoyment of one drink, two drinks or more, does that say “It’s OK?” Doesn’t drinking cause many bad ways? Like if the state said you can drink, then drinking and driving is then alright?

I know from experience what a blackout is —— like while drinking then driving. It was enough to scare me completely. To this day, I cannot recall more than barely getting to my place of living, many, many years ago, yet when I wondered what could have happened and why, I decided that the chances of it recurring would have been easily achieved. But who else would I have hurt besides myself? Was it worth it in the long run? I didn’t think so. I am against drinking plus driving. I am totally against. Who gets hurt the worse?

Valda Vondall