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Big guns begin bombardment of campaign rhetoric

President Barack Obama, and rival Mitt Romney, begin their assault on the policies of each other’s campaign platforms as the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day, is in the rearview mirror. Expect nothing but a heavy bombardment of television ads, spot ads on one’s favorite social media website, radio spots, newspaper ads, and a host of “news” spots where one candidate will be blasting the other.

While this has become part of the American presidential campaign strategy since the Kennedy-Nixon debates, there is no doubt that each candidate, and their surrogates, will spend more money seeking the White House than any other two candidates since the republic was formed in 1776.

There will be claims and counter claims that one camp flings at the other in an attempt to distract from the real issues facing our nation. Don’t be distracted by the same old same old. One should keep one’s eye on the real issues Americans are facing and have been facing since the waning years of the Bush administration.

For the record, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday, May 29, shows President Obama attracting 46 percent of the vote while Mitt Romney earns 45 percent support.

There are critical issues underlying this year’s run for the White House. They are: the overall U.S. economy, jobs (the unemployed and those who have given up searching for employment), and examine carefully the overall stability of the weak recovery our nation has been experiencing so far in 2012. These issues should remain in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Don’t be distracted or amused by the side issues that will be thrown out by each candidate.

Social issues, although critical to the moral fiber of our nation, will take a backseat to the economic profile that has been established by this administration’s handling of a less than stellar economy when it moved into the White House. Gay marriage, illegal immigration, abortion, and the environment will be behind enemy lines as the war wages between now and Nov. 6, 2012.

Waging such a war will be over the top expensive. At last count, the president has raised $233.5 million and has a war chest of $115.2 million. His opponent has raised half those funds, at a measly $100.4 million, with only $9.2 million on hand, according to USA Today. With super pacs able to launch salvos into the enemy camp, look for hundreds of millions more to be spent getting the message across to the voters this summer.

While hundreds of millions may be spent to woo the voter, it would appear from this catbird seat that the super pacs are willing to spend a pot of money to get their guy elected and the average Joe sixpack will be relegated to the sidelines. This should alarm the average citizen. Is the United States of America now a nation of super pacs (wealthy corporations and big unions) rather than “we the people...?”

Think about it.

—Keith Hansen