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Hollywood hate speech

What’s with all the hate speech from extreme Hollywood leftists?

A torrent of hate speech was locked on the Republican convention as Hurricane Isaac skirted the Florida gulf coast and took a bead on New Orleans.

Actress Ellen Barkin expressed her hope that (then) Tropical Storm Isaac “would smash up the Republican National Convention in Tampa and drown all its delegates.”

“She retweeted the message of one of her followers that read: ‘C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC ” Barkin did not express any disagreement in her retweet.’” Not too much love coming out of her mouth.

Not to be left out of the tirade, Samuel L. Jackson on Monday tweeted it was “unfair” that Tropical Storm Isaac had spared the GOP convention in Tampa and appeared to be heading for New Orleans.

Jackson said in a profanity-filled tweet that he was “not understanding God’s plan” given the fact that the storm was not disrupting the Republican gathering.

“Unfair s---,” the Oscar-nominated actor known for his colorful language said on Twitter.

“GOP spared by Isaac! NOLA prolly f----- again!”

A Facebook page entitled “Kill Mitt Romney” garnered close to 30 likes and remained online for 17 days before Facebook removed the page Monday.

I guess these spokespersons for the left are unleashed as ardent supporters of the president.

Whatever happened to civil discourse? I guess it only applies when the left is sitting in judgement of an off-handed remark by some less than polished candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri steps on his tongue while trying to explain his pro-life stance.

Both sides of this political season need to tone down the rhetoric and address the issues this nation is facing. It’s easy for the lap dogs of either party to find fault with the other sides, but just in case these campaigns haven’t realized the dire consequences our country is facing economically it’s time to put a lid on the bashing and get down to the business of putting America back to work and energizing our weak economy.

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