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NFL has sunk to a new low, joins WWE Raw fantasy world

After Sunday’s fiasco in Seattle, one begins to wonder if the National Football League is choreographing each football game to fit the fans or if it is just a bunch of fill-in zebras messing up.

When Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson heaved a desperation pass into the corner of the end zone as time expired, everyone watched as would-be receiver Golden Tate pushed Green Bay’s defensive back from behind and then wrestled with M.D. Jennings for control of the football. Every arm chair quarterback made the call from the comfort of their Lazy-Boy — Green Bay intercepted the ball. Right?

Wrong! The wannabe refs saw it two different ways. One seemed to think it was Green Bay’s ball. However, the other ref called it a Seattle touchdown. Game over.

Not so fast. We had to have a replay. After minutes under the hood, the guys in the booth still had it wrong. They affirmed the touchdown. Huh? Both teams were stunned. Both teams wanted to leave the field — mostly in disbelief and some because of the embarrassment. After 10 minutes the substitute keystone cops remembered that Seattle had not kicked the point after touchdown, so they assembled the troops to complete the injustice.

The outrage that followed was nothing less than that exhibited by WWE Raw fan mania. It was as though the world of make believe perpetuated by WWE Raw had taken over the gridiron. Fans were cussing, commentators were crossing the line with criticism, but the most outrageous comment of all came from the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell when he issued a statement Tuesday affirming the call on the field.

I’m sorry Mr. Commissioner, did you even watch the game?

Well, now some teams are suggesting that during the upcoming games, players will just take a knee at the snap of the ball. Oh great, now the players are going to act as childish as the commissioner and the guys in stripes throwing the yellow flags.

I have a better idea: As fans, let’s protest the games by not attending or watching these charades until the owners and locked out referees get the message that we’re not paying hundreds of dollars to watch these kinds of theatrics. Or, perhaps, we should tune out the NFL and watch WWE Raw — at least we all know that is theater.

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