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Sen. Klobuchar places national debt, economy as top priority

Sanity, rather than partisan bickering is being uttered from someone in Washington, D.C. Yes, Washington, D.C.

Minnesota’s Sen. Amy Klobuchar is guilty of making sense in a town that is full of political clowns.

In an interview that was published by the Associated Press, Klobuchar said, “The $16 trillion national debt could be reduced by about $4 trillion in the first few months of 2013 with just a few steps,” Klobuchar said. She would let Bush-era tax cuts lapse on yearly income above $250,000 and cut federal spending by about $2 trillion on top of $1.2 trillion in planned cuts that were part of a 2011 package approved by Congress.”

On that issue, I agree that Congress should let all of the Bush-era tax cuts lapse. However, we’ll take what we can get at this point.

Ignoring our nation’s plight in light of a near insurmountable debt, we are faced with a Jan. 1 economic tsunami unless a plan like Klobuchar is proposing is in place.

Maybe the senior senator from Minnesota will have more allies before the year end deadline hits the U.S. The StarTribune reported in Wednesday’s edition that a “Gang of 8” is meeting in secret in Virginia to attempt to strike a “bipartisan deficit-reduction” deal. According to the report, the Gang of 8 is holed up at Mount Vernon’s conference room “seeking a way to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, when tax hikes and budget slashing will become law.

If such drastic measures are in place because the administration and or Congress fail to agree on a proposal to cut the deficit and the huge U.S. debt, it will stifle whatever economic recovery we have been experiencing.

While no agreement is anticipated prior to the Nov. 6 election, talks among the “Gang of 8,” and senators like our own Sen. Klobuchar, may avert a total meltdown that could be in the offing if partisan wrangling is allowed to continue.

However, there are senators like New York’s Charles Schumer who is crowing from the sidelines that, “Democrats will not agree to any deal that failed to raise income tax rates on top earners.”

Mr. Schumer, please get in touch with Sen. Klobuchar and curb your hostile rhetoric for now. Please.

Keith Hansen

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