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Voter I.D.

Voter I.D.

After watching and reading letters from people that are for or against voter I.D., I would like to put this out there. Why is there a big deal over showing an I.D. to vote?

Every job application I have ever had has asked me to show two forms of I.D. This also holds true when I make a credit card purchase, or if I am buying a movie while at Wal-Mart.

All showing an I.D. will do is verify if you are a citizen of the U.S.A. or have the ability to use the privileges given to you. Notice the word privilege.

If you have a felony against you this privilege is taken away. If voting was a right, they would not have the ability to take it away. It’s the same for driving a car, it is a privilege.

I have read several people say the military will not be able to vote. After reading the amendment I saw the following “All voters, including those not voting in person must be subject to substantially equivalent identity and eligibility verification prior to a ballot being cast or counted.” Military records have several forms of government I.D. that are able to be submitted when they file for the absentee ballot. I voted absentee when I was deployed, this will just be an additional piece you mail with the ballot application.

I’m not going to tell anyone to vote yes or no to the voter I.D. amendment. I know how I will be voting. If you are going to vote yes or no, please look at, and read the entire amendment. Think about how many times you already show your I.D. and how painless it is.

Thomas Bonar Jr.


TRIAD a success

The recent Minnesota wide TRIAD (A three-way parentership between area seniors, law enforcement professionals and the community as a whole) conference held in Baxter at the Arrowhead Lodge was a marvelous example of cooperation! Not only the cooperation inherent in TRIAD with law enforcement, community groups and senior citizens working together, but the cooperation of the entire lakes area community shown by the sponsorships and support that helped put on the largest ever TRIAD state wide conference.

Sponsorships by local entities including Good Samaritan Society, Essentia St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, Good Neighbors, and Home Instead Senior Care, allowed Crow Wing TRIAD to keep costs low while bringing in superb speakers.

There are TRIAD organizations in 20 counties in Minnesota and 18 of those counties were represented in the 130 community, seniors, and professionals who participated.

Attendee surveys came back with consistent comments of, “Wow!” “Best ever!” “Great speakers, great site, great area!”

The Crow Wing County TRIAD spent over a year putting this conference together and with the help of community businesses, area groups, and local performers and artists it was a resounding success.

A special thank you to Pequot Lakes artist Jerry Radike, whose major donation of works had people drooling over the door prize gift baskets.

Again, thanks to all who made this 2012 state wide conference a success!

Peggy Blean Boots

TRIAD Committee Co-Chair

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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