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Accurate recall

A letter in the Oct. 24 Dispatch identified the current city finance director as the niece of the interim administrator.

Now, here is the rest of the story.

Ms. Hillman was hired in 2007 as the payroll/accounting specialist, in that position, she assisted the finance director (Ms. Goble) with city finance accounting.

Mr. Hillman is a CPA and worked for an accounting firm prior to being hired by the city. Her qualifications are impeccable.

Before recommending her to the council to be hired, then-administrator Vogt provided a memo to the council with information of the relationship between Ms. Hillman and Ms. Goble. Administrator Vogt wanted full disclosure before the council made a decision.

The council voted unanimously to hire Ms. Hillman.

The memo from Mr. Vogt is public information and given to the editor as are the minutes of the council when Ms. Hillman received the unanimous vote of the council. The council members in 2007 were Robert (Bob) Olson, Lucy Nesheim, Kelly Bevans, Bonnie Cumberland, Mark O’Day, Anne Nelson Fisher and Kevin Goedker.

Mary Koep

Council president