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Extremist views

Before Keith Hansen took over the Brainerd Dispatch opinion page the page guidelines restricted the number of letters from the same person to “once a week.” That policy has apparently changed, I must have missed the announcement of the change.

Art Becker has another letter today, Oct. 22, just three days after his last one Oct. 19 about the “executive order” thing.

My short little letter, my only letter this year, which I emailed three days ago must not have been deemed interesting enough to publish in a timely manner. I was told that it’s scheduled for the Oct. 25, six days after it was received. I don’t have a problem with that, at least it’s on the schedule.

I’m not happy with the paper for other reasons. For example: the headline for Art Becker’s letter today was “Another Obama fiasco” and, even though Becker leans consistently to the right, nowhere did he use the word fiasco.

Most of Hansen’s editorials promote the Tea Party line so I’m not surprised at the headlines chosen for the opinion letters. However, I’m really tired of seeing our daily paper blame Obama for everything that is wrong with the country, especially those things that he inherited and/or has no control over. I also find it interesting that my inbox is constantly filled with messages from my Republican acquaintances, similar to the “executive order” trash, but none of the Democrats that I know send any of that inflammatory untrue email. Even though I’ve long considered myself an Independent I find myself being pushed toward the Democratic camp by that and other recent changes to the Republican Party. If the Republican Party ever expects to win votes from Independents again it’s time for it to get back to true Republican values and quit pandering to the radical extremists that seem to have taken over.

Jim Lease