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Media begins to question Obama on Libyan attack, economic slump

President Barack Obama’s traditional supporters, the national news media, has begun to crack under the weight of Libya and first term priorities. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin recounts the Libyan cover up in her Oct. 24 column, “White House emails blow up its Libya cover story.” And, one of the traditional newspapers that endorsed the president in 2008 cornered the president in an interview with Des Moines Register Laura Hollingsworth, president and publisher of the Register, and Rick Green, editor/vice-president of news.

CBS News has released a clip of an interview by Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes on Sept. 12, with President Obama that indicates Obama knew the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a premeditated terror attack — and suggests the White House later deceived the public by blaming protests against an anti-Islam video. CBS chose not to air the clip for over a month--but did air Obama’s attack on Romney that same night. In a phone interview with the president the Register’s top leaders posed this question: “Some say you had a super majority in your first two years and had this incredible opportunity, but because of what you were talking about, as you were running, you had to go to get Obamacare done. Do you have any regrets taking on some of the economic issues, some of the issues that we’re talking about for your second term, that when you had the chance, so to speak, during your first — do you have any regrets that you didn’t do that at that time?”

“Absolutely not, Laura. Remember the context. First of all, Mitch McConnell has imposed an ironclad filibuster from the first day I was in office,” the president responded.

In fact, Mitch McConnell was the Senate’s minority leader in 2009. He had no filibuster lock on the president’s proposals.

Now back to Libya. The Washington Post’s Rubin notes, “President Obama is playing the media and, in turn, the American people for fools on the Libya scandal. Reporters and columnists who carried his water have been hung out to dry. The White House cover story — namely that CIA got it all wrong and the White House (in urging us to believe the murder of four Americans was the result of a video riot gone bad) was telling us what it knew, when it knew — has been severely undercut. Three e-mails sent to the White House within two hours of the attack identify it as a terrorist operation and inform the White House that local jihadists with al-Qaeda connections claimed responsibility.”

Are the former allies of the president now running for cover in light of these assumed betrayals by the president and his administration? It would appear so, at least in these three instances.

Keith Hansen

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