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No voter I.D.

Does Minnesota need a restrictive Photo ID Amendment? Ask yourself this question, consider the following points and vote with common sense.

Adding this amendment to the Constitution will be a costly change paid for by you the taxpayer and will take funds from other areas such as education and infrastructure. Smaller precincts can least afford the expense of implementing this amendment

The implications of the amendment will not be known until after the vote, as it is much more complicated than the title.

Several groups, such as the elderly, students, and low income citizens will find it more difficult to vote because of cost, travel, registration and change. Minnesota has one of the highest voting turnout rates in the country, our local judges make it work.

Do we want an amendment that will only make this process more difficult?

Amendments are meant to facilitate and grant rights not restrict. Do we need this restrictive amendment when technology is changing every day and will soon allow a simplified system of voting.

The League of Women Voters promotes democracy, advocates for equal rights for all citizens and has a no position on the voter I.D. amendment.

I will vote no.

Sandra Reuther

President, LWVBLA

Breezy Point