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Vote for my dad

Service has always been an important part of my life.

Growing up I saw my parents, John and Sally Ward, volunteer for many roles in various organizations in the area.

My husband and I have recently returned from our service with Peace Corps where we dedicated our time to working with the people of Belize. Living with my parents during this transition between our overseas service and finding new jobs has shown me how much time my father, John Ward, dedicates to serving the people of District 10A. Most days we hardly see him at home as he is at events and meetings in the area. When he is home he is either on the phone helping constituents that have reached out to him, organizing functions or responding to emails.

As Peace Corps volunteers we agree to service 24/7, as a Minnesota House Representative I see my father give himself 24/7 to achieve what’s right and needed for those he represents.

Your vote for John Ward supports a person that commits to hard work, honesty and doing what’s best for the people of district 10A.

Shannon Wheeler