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Gazelka is the choice

I’ve had the pleasure to serve with Senator Gazelka in St. Paul these past two years. He is someone you can count on to give you a clear, honest answer. I’ll put his integrity and legislative record against his opponents any day.

I’ve worked side-by-side with him, along with our Morrison County sheriff, to pass firearm legislation to help out our local law enforcement agencies. I’ve seen him work tirelessly to have the training center at Camp Ripley included in the bonding bill.

We passed legislation to help out our local schools with their Food Service Fund.

He chief authored pro-life legislation and he is a champion for pro-family values.

He was the adult in the room when it came to making the difficult choices to get our state back on track.

He is endorsed by MCCL, NRA, MN Farm Bureau, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, NFIB, and has been awarded a “Guardian of Small Business” and an “Advocate for Local School Solutions.”

The same few opponents of Sen. Gazelka have been spewing negative and exaggerated information about him. That’s the only tactic they know. They know that if they put Doty’s record against Gazelka’s record, they will lose.

Mike LeMieur

State Representative 12B