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Railroad pensions

A direct attack on the Railroad Retirement Pension program, contained in the Ryan Republican Budget, which passed the U.S. of Representatives, 228-191, last March, stated, “conform Tier 1 pensions to equal those of Social Security,” affecting all rail retirees, spouses and current rail employees, and which would drastically cut current pensions by up to half of current annuities, reduce disability benefits and totally abolish the 60/30 retirement program for all railroad employees. The Ryan Budget also stated this would save the taxpayers several billion dollars. A total falsehood, as the Railroad Retirement program is totally funded by the employees and the railroads, not the taxpayers. It is imperative all railroad retirees, spouses and employees are made aware of this grossly unfair and vicious attack on the rail retirement program. With the November election coming ever closer, the members of your local area Unit of the National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees, urge all retirees, spouses and employees to check your U.S. Representatives and Senators’ stand on the Ryan Republican Budget. Your vote could affect the future of your railroad pension.

Richard Klein

President, Brainerd Unit No. 127