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Yes to marriage

Please vote “yes” for marriage to continue to be defined by our Constitution as the union of one man and one woman! (Beware: you can not leave the answer blank if you are undecided, or it will count as a “no” vote.)

I believe some ads are being deceptive by saying this would give the government more power and allow them to choose who you love. Love is not the issue here, you may always love whomever you please. But marriage is a sacred covenant that can not be changed!

And the government would be given no more power. We, the people, will decide the outcome at the election, and the constitution will be in support of the majority.

Let’s not be naive when voting, but think how a ‘no’ vote could affect our education system. Our children would be taught beliefs about sexuality that we may not support. Let’s protect our family values, and give more children the chance to be loved by both a mom and a dad.

God designed marriage from the beginning as one man and one woman. Are we still “One Nation Under God?” Or do we have to change the pledge of allegience too?

Katie Borg